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AMV - Andy Mihov

Andy’s passion for storytelling started early with writing, painting, and theatre. After working as a creative in global top-tier ad agencies, Andy’s desire to direct took him to the NFTS and after graduating, he directed several award-winning music videos and commercials.

His precise eye for visual storytelling and his versatility is evident across his diverse body of work for numerous campaigns and renowned brands.Andy has the ability to manifest his love for classical and modern art, fashion, culture, and performance into unique ideas for every project he directs. His wealth of life experience and passion for stories means he’s able to go from creating quirky comedy and magical realism spots, to edgy and dark commercials depending on the needs of the story and the client.

An interesting bit of trivia. He’s also a world champion in fencing (Olympic and HEMA), is proficient in several forms of martial arts and is an excellent equestrian. His horse's name is Échafaud (meaning "Scaffold"). Don't let the name fool you, the horse is a sweetheart. Andy's always keen on launching a medieval-style conquest but luckily, we keep him too busy making films.

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