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Josh & Luke Exell

Josh & Luke Exell are a director duo based in London, brothers that have been shooting campaigns, commercials, and short films for nearly 10 years.


They are best known for their unique and versatile blend of visual storytelling and purpose-driven work, with a passion for adventure, film, and music. They have shot commercials and short documentaries for leading brands such as Meta, Skoda, Mailchimp and Square.


They have a unique and refreshing approach to filmmaking with their individual unique skills complimenting each other throughout the process. Josh comes from a stills background and whether he is self shooting or working with DOPs he is focused on every detail of the aesthetic and working with people. Luke comes from an edit background and gets deep into the narrative structures and storytelling, directing with the edit in mind and always one step ahead. They have a wide range of experience from working on large scale studio productions, to heading out on self shooting duo adventures in far flung corners of the world.

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