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Victorian Plumbing- Star Employee
Pom-Bear - Naked


WE is Tim Wetherall and Jon Evans, a Directing duo with nearly 20 years of experience in all things quirky, handmade and off-beat. Specialising in bold visuals, left-field narratives and using everything but the kitchen sink to realise their vision. They are just as happy getting awkward comedy delivery out of celebs, to getting convincing thespian performances from a pair of Pom Bear’s…. 


Originally starting out as founding members of the award winning Blac Ionica they now bring their own surreal style under their pseudonym “WE”. WE because after working together for most of their working life they tend to be an extension of each other, often finishing each other's sandwiches….. and also because it's obviously their surnames which makes life much easier with the Tax man. 


Tim and Jon are first and foremost open and collaborative. It's always about the project, never about the ego. Having worked directly with clients, agencies and production companies, they are able to bring a huge breadth of knowledge to create visually arresting and memorable pieces to the increasingly diverse media consuming world. They have always been fascinated with techniques and technology to help tell a story. If an Auteur is a Director and Writer then WE is a Mauteur, having the mechanics to make, create and visualise a film from paper to screen.

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